Party Aficionados

We make birthdays unforgettable

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Children birthdays are special...
it's one of those moments they'll remember and cherish throughout their lives

We're the party planner for birthdays with a theme

Party Afficionados by The Shopland is here to provide the little people of melbourne the bestthemed birthday party ever. 
We provide end to end service from invitation to setting up.
We are here to deliver an experience you and your child will not forget. we promise.


We don't just organize parties, we make sure it fulfiils all your whims and fancies. 
Each and every one of our parties are tailored for that day, making it a different experience every time. 

Saves Time

Having trouble learning to diy
or not having the time to do so?
Don't worry, leave it to us. We are the Party Experts.
Let us know your requirements and needs and we'll do all the work for you.  


Cost Effecient

Sourcing for materials not only takes time
but it also costs money.
Having to go multiple places just to ​get all the things you need and buying off retail can be pricey too.
look no further, we are your one-stop party shop and we'll source the best prices for you.